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Rules about proofreading essays (IELTS etc.)

Can I ask about the grammatical mistakes in a paragraph? For example, I have written an IELTS Task. Is it ok to ask for the correction?
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Overzealous "Proofreading" closevotes?

Someone recently closevoted this question, as "Proofreading" (that same person or someone else also downvoted the question, which may or may not mean something): Error in sentence construction ...
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Why is meaning mentioned as both allowed and not allowed?

Let me elaborate. A little while after answering a question I came back to check on it and noticed that is was put on-hold. Then I read the hold box and it read, "[b]asic questions on spelling, ...
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Let's rewrite the "Proofreading" close reason

It's been discussed that the proofreading close reason is overused: Stop throwing "Proofreading" close reason at questions that are clearly limited to a single point of concern As part of ...
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Stop throwing "Proofreading" close reason at questions that are clearly limited to a single point of concern

We have a handy close reason for questions that are basically just "find any problems in this chunk of text". That's fine, because those are terrible questions. They haven't actually gotten to the ...
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Should we answer questions that break the rules? [duplicate]

This questions (Please test me for the english sentence) is the most recent example, but I've seen others. It breaks the rules (in this case, off-topic because of editing/proofreading) and has ...
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Is this question really "proofreading"?

I am referring to this question: "Contributed to", "contributed for", or "start to" The reason for closing the question is listed as: Proofreading questions are off-...
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Alternative websites for proofreading

What websites are available where people can practice writing English, and have their written work corrected by native speakers? (It'll be useful to point people to this question if they've asked a "...
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Should proofreading questions be closed as offtopic?

I saw this question ( which is fundamentally a question of the form: Here is some text. Please tell me ...
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