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Can you suggest any AI based voice chat robot (such as some website) to practice spoken English?

I see these days, some text based on an AI robot, such as ChatGPT that can input English text, and respond in English, so I can practice my English writing. But I'm not an English native speaker, and ...
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Resources for learning academic/formal writing?

Referring to this Amazon review of a book, The writing style is extremely poor ... The grammatical style is horrendous: incorrect usage, nonparallel structure, misplaced commas, run-on sentences, etc....
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Are there conversation forums? [duplicate]

I have two friends who are learning English and badly need to practice speaking. Are there any sites that help with that? They live in the UK but are surrounded by many nationalities, and having ...
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Google Define Links

One of the most useful ways to get to the common definition of a word is to simply search for "define X" in Google or a browser address bar. This then gives you a definition of the word as ...
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Does anyone knows a good podcasts or youtube channel that teaches basic English up to intermediate English for free?

It doesn’t matter if it is British or American English
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Morphological dictionary

I was wondering whether you knew of an online dictionary where you could find a word and other words derived from it. Like, for instance, "passion", "passionate" "passionately" etc.
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English course for support position?

I'm looking to improve my English skills as a support person working for an IT company through live chat, can you recommend a series of videos or a youtube channel that can help me with that? All I ...
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Are there any usable prosody tools for English sentences?

Below is an example of what I mean. Is there something similar to this but for English? This is a Japanese prosody tools developed by labs at The University of Tokyo. You can try inserting this ...
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Is wiktionary a reasonable source to back up answers?

Just stumbled upon a question that was looking for a specific word. The one I had in mind was not there, so I thought I add it as an answer. As all other answers were backed up by links to ...
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English texts with Russian translation

Can you give me some web sites where I can find English texts for intermediate level with translation to Russian? I going to memorize the texts to improve my speaking skill.
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Dictionary which allows specific searches

I am searching for an English and/or American English dictionary which enables me to search, for example Nouns which begins/ends/includes the chunk 'exa' Does anyone know such an online dictionary ...
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What text to speech programs can I use to improve my listening skills?

Does anybody know any website (or app) to make text to speech? I've found Amazon Polly, but I'd like to know if there's a better choice.
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Google ngram wizardry: is there a NOT(word) operator or similar

Let's say we'd like to assess the relative frequency of the same way versus in the same way. This wouldn't yield a true frequency comparison: (the same way),(in the same way) because (the same way)...
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To include the KISS Grammar site to "Resources for learning English"

I've just found out about this great website, the KISS Grammar site. In my humble opinion, it could be a great resource for ELLs, even though it seems to aim toward native English-speaking children in ...
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Help Find (or Create) a CW Resources List

I could have sworn we had a CW meta post that listed references useful to English learners; dictionaries, sites like lang-8, grammar references, etc. Since resource requests are off topic, this post ...
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Resources for learning English

This is a specifically created Community Wiki which gathers resources for learning English and it has been approved by the Community itself. It should be clear that the resources are not written by ...
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What resources could I link when reporting the definition of a word, or a phrase?

What are the resources for which I could give a link when giving the definition of a word, or a phrase? I usually use the definition given from the NOAD, OED, or the Merriam-Webster, which are ...
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Should we avoid closing questions about resources for now?

Just in the last few hours a couple of questions about resources have been posted: This one, asking for sources on technical writing, has been closed as Not Constructive. It is in fact a very broad ...
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Alternative websites for proofreading

What websites are available where people can practice writing English, and have their written work corrected by native speakers? (It'll be useful to point people to this question if they've asked a "...
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