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Chat is the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of every Stack Exchange site.

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What's the proper way to flag the entire comments section of an answer?

I'm asking because I've seen long conversations taking place in the comments section. Sometimes they are long, seemingly endless requests for clarifications that should be moved to chat; others they'...
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The Retagging Event -- Episode 2 (The Doom of "grammar")

       The next TRE will be held on 2016/01/02 on Saturday, recurring every 3 days. Since the community agreed with the proposed retagging of grammar, we're ...
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When should we hold The Retagging Event?

We're going to hold a chat event (Similar to TCE) to retag almost all of the grammar questions. Are you going to help? What day of the week and at what time are you willing to help us? Personally I'd ...
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Behold! A new chatroom approaches

It's been decided to create another chatroom for ELL. A place for advanced learners, non-native speakers (along with native speakers and teachers who want to help these people) who are on ...
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Can we add such an arrangement that questions are displayed in the chat room as soon as a new question is posted?

Some folks here hang around in the chat room pretty well like Snailboat, Cerbeus and myself. So I guess it becomes problematic for any of us to know when a new question is posted to the site. I saw ...
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How can we encourage more people to participate in chat?

How can we encourage more people to participate in chat? Anyone with 20 reputation can participate. See the chat FAQ for more information about it. This particular chat room is for general discussion ...
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