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Times a question has been seen by eyeballs, or a profile has been looked over

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Questions with the most views

I was recently reading Glorfindel's helpful answer at How did this question get so many views? and clicked on the link for "here is a list of questions with the most views on the site". That ...
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1 answer

Is ELL active due to its large number of questions?

I realised that most questions get a few views quite quickly, but most do not get much views, but quite a few questions do get a lot of views, is it just because the question is on the Hot Network ...
5 votes
1 answer

How did this question get so many views?

I came across a question that was asked 10 months ago and didn't have any comment or any answer. But it has got 3k views: "Were you able to" and "are you able to", when to use ...
5 votes
1 answer

What drives hits to this site?

Can anyone please explain how come this question got 1k views in nine hours? Not that I object. :) Just trying to understand what drives hits to this site.
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0 answers

Can it be a bug?

Can it be a bug, or just some counters got out of sync?
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1 answer

Technical bug in counting the number of users who have viewed a question

Why is the number of users who have viewed the question less than the number of users who have answered the question?