So , which has the description For questions specifically related to written English., has been applied to many questions and very few of them are specifically focused on written English.

It's not a good tag, but changing the name to "written-english" would make it more obvious what the intended use of the tag is and it would mirror . After looking at the questions was applied to, I thought maybe it should be black listed, but I don't feel strongly about it.

We discussed this a few years ago in What should we put in [writing]? but there was no real consensus, so I'm bringing it up again.

I've added some more explicit options to vote on. If there is an option I didn't include that you think I should have, please add an answer.

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    As a recently active contributor to ELL I am surprised the tag hadn't already been updated. Of course the differentiation should not taken as 'nit-picking' specifics about English. It's just that spoken English is often much different then written English. – G Warner May 29 at 20:43
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    @GWarner I honestly wonder if we need a "written-english" tag at all. I think the spoken-english tag is helpful, but that there's not much reason to specify that a question is about written English unless we're talking about orthography. Maybe it should be a synonym of that instead. – ColleenV May 29 at 20:49
  • I misread the question. No matter. My thoughts are that a non-English native (speaker, writer, reader) have difficulty understanding there is an actual difference between written English and spoken English. The [writing] tag would often be misused because of this and specific tags would only be good for future reference. Added by editors after the fact. – G Warner May 30 at 16:05
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    Not a regular, but I'd support do something with [writing] tag because it's so ambiguous (an act of writing? handwriting? reading comprehension?), but before that, I think we should discuss the intended scope of the tag first (and later clean up the wrongly tagged questions...). – Andrew T. May 31 at 1:24

Up-vote this answer if you think the writing tag should be left alone and we should just remove it from the questions that aren't focused on written English.

Leave alone

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Up-vote this answer if you think the writing tag should be replaced with written-english and a synonym added.

Replace with

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  • Obviously like a sun in the mid summer, "writing" ( Yes, it would be same with "writing" SE mostly, I think. ) and "written" "English" is so conspicuously different. As @Mari-Lou A proposed prior, the audio functions are not yet well embedded at this site, most of the questions are related with "written"(by another writer) English. Writing and written is universally different. – user17814 Jun 7 at 16:29

Upvote this answer if you think should be removed and retag the most relevant questions with academic-writing, which already exists.

retag relevant writing questions with .

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  • I would want someone to add a description of what that tag should be used for before we retag anything. We might have different understandings of what academic-writing should be used for. – ColleenV Jun 2 at 12:45
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    Also, I think academic-writing is probably entirely encompassed by formal-language or terminology depending on the context. Maybe we need some synonyms to funnel people to a fewer number of tags – ColleenV Jun 4 at 13:56

Up-vote this answer if you think the writing tag should be removed entirely.


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