Ubu English

I've been teaching English to second language learners since 2011, shortly after I took an early 'retirement' and moved my life to India. At first it was a means to an end, I needed to earn a living here and teaching English online was about the only way I could earn without violating the terms of my 10 year visa. But I also love to write, and studying and teaching English would only help, so my thinking went. But somehow teaching and English itself have become new(ish) passions. I love teaching and finding ways to help students grasp the language. I was really shocked to learn that up to 90% of ESL students fail to reach even a modicum of fluency and I thought, there must be a better way. And that's when my adventure began.

Besides developing my depth of understanding the English language, the main focus of my work is helping intermediate and advanced students develop spoken fluency, and that means internalizing syntax and meaning. I use grammar but only to the extent it helps students recognize patterns in the language and how to use them to produce meaning. I teach grammar concepts, not rules, and I teach patterns. I tell my students to keep English pouring out of their mouths as much and as often as possible. I focus on training the subconscious. I tell them, "You didn't learn to tie your shoes without touching your laces and you won't learn to speak English without using your mouth." Or something like that.