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Alternative websites for proofreading
Accepted answer
38 votes

Lang-8 is a website where you can write a journal post in English, and have your entry corrected by native speakers of English. In return, you're encouraged to correct journal posts written in the ...

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Are questions asking for resources on-topic?
6 votes

I hope they are allowed, but if they aren't, then we should consider allowing them on the meta site, like Japanese Language & Usage does.

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Downvotes are your friend; use them, please!
5 votes

It's often more helpful to describe why a post needs improvement than to just downvote it. There's few things more frustrating than getting a downvote, and not knowing what you did "wrong". And such ...

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how is the question about the appropriateness of Czechia on topic?
4 votes

Understanding patterns, rules and exceptions in the English is helpful in learning the language, because it means you have to devote less brainpower to remember everything. While I think it could be ...

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What can we do to encourage people to participate here in meta?
2 votes

If everything is going well, people do not need to be visiting meta. Participating in meta is not a goal in and of itself.

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Is it ethical to cast 15 downvotes in only 24 hours?
1 votes

If they're all directed at the same person, it'll get automatically detected as "serial downvoting" and be reversed. But if the downvoter is sharing the downvotes around instead, I wouldn't worry ...

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How does this part of the FAQ apply to questions asked on ELL?
0 votes

I think part of the problem is that "use" has a slightly different meaning with "I use "Hello" in formal situations", compared to "I use "Emacs/vi" when programming". This may be slightly confusing to ...

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