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If there is perfect English grammar, all English sentences can be easily analyzed in one way, but very unfortunately, there seems to be no such a thing, as there are hundreds of thousands of English sentences and expressions that any English grammar isn't efficient in being used with to analyze in one way perfectly, but as a long-time English learner, I guess learning languages with our cognitive sense might be the best way learners have to pursue because I feel this way of studying works quite very well.

The most interesting point of English, unlike my first language Korean, would be that as that is used worldwide and broadly, there're really a lot of expressions that even native English speakers aren't able to easily have a grasp of despite context given. As it is, I do believe there is no one who has mastered English and so it's better to get away with such a reckless plan to try to master English. It's enough just to speak a language to the extent we need.

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