Chappo Says SE Dudded Monica

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To Stack Exchange: Stop treating our community like a disposable commodity.

In Sept 2019, Stack Overflow ("Stack Exchange") demonstrated how corporate, callous and incompetent it had become by singling out a respected and hardworking moderator, dismissing and publicly humiliating her, ignoring the community's calls for healing, indeed refusing even to speak to Monica until it finally went to the lawyers (the SE community having crowdfunded over $25,000 for her legal representation), and settling out of court with only the lamest public statement of "regret". I hope the confidential settlement cost SO/SE $100,000 or more - a mere fraction of the company's weekly revenue.

I joined hundreds of other outraged SE users in taking a public stand in support of Monica: posting on Meta, changing our profiles, and going on "strike": no posting, voting or undertaking community moderation tasks on non-meta SE sites. Now that Monica has agreed to a settlement, I'm lifting my "work" bans, but for the time being I'm keeping my Reinstate Monica avatar.

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