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I am no longer active on any Stack Exchange sites. I might come from time to time (around once a month) and maybe do a bit of reviewing, but I'm not as active as I used to be.

Anyone who thinks they can earn 500 reputation a day with upvotes is either crazy or someone who hasn't read this.

Reveal e-mail address

Well, just someone with a little bit of reputation.

Pronouns: he/him.

I actually have a bot that I use in chat to prevent it from colliding with my actual account.

Top tags:

Easiest way to earn reputation: Beginners don’t know code won’t format right if they don’t wrap it in a code block. So edit their posts to have code blocks, add “improved formatting” in the summary, and hope someone didn’t beat you to it. In it is approved, +2 to you!

A few buttons:

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Get a flair as soon as you can!

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Some thoughts (even if you're not using XHTML):

  • Spell out attributes. <button disabled> becomes <button disabled="disabled".

  • Self close tags. <hr />

  • Use double quotes in HTML. Not <font face=Arial><font face="Arial">.

If I see your question with some downvotes, there's going to be an upvote if you tried hard. Just keep browsing your inbox!

Having too much reputation? Downvote your own post! downvote own post

New user after setting 500-rep bounty:
-499 rep

There is no free lunch reputation for doing nothing.
I want to leave no one at 1 reputation.
Note: I'm mostly on Stack Overflow. ---------- 1. Try hard. No one gets 1 -> 101 reputation in a week. 2. Posts are not upvoted if they aren't showing your hard work! 3. Upvotes are just "We think it is good, but we don't want to tell you who we are. Here. +10 for you." - <-- For messy, uncategorized stuff. ● ● ● ● ●!!! - I help beginners format their questions. Reputation graph (not normal):
not normal!
This is normal: normal

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