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Can we make tag “Philosophy of English Language”?

The purpose of ELL is not to "discuss language". We answer questions about English. Not just any questions though—practical, answerable questions. Philosophical questions are inherently ...
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Can we make tag “Philosophy of English Language”?

I do not think this would add very much over and above the existing tag semantics on the main site which currently has 50 questions. Admittedly that tag does not have a wiki yet suggesting it is not a ...
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2 votes

Grammar and gramma tag

Thanks for spotting this. It's fine just to suggest an edit replacing the tag (grammar is fine, but if you can, use more specific tags, as the tag excerpt indicates). I've edited it myself now; the ...
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Lack of "will-future" tag

We don’t create tags and just leave them lying around in case someone needs them. The purpose of tags is to group related questions together, so tags get created when we notice we’re getting more than ...
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