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Let's use plain language (this time for real)

As an editor and proponent of what editors call plain language, I feel I have to act as a kind of apologist here, as well as provide possible side commentary to what's already been said. In the ...
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Let's use plain language (this time for real)

One thing that your post overlooks that should be highlighted is that ELL is not divided into "askers" and "answerers". In many cases, because they've struggled with the same ...
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Let's use plain language (this time for real)

While loquaciousness for the sake of loquaciousness is obviously a bad thing to have in an answer, I do think taking a common sense approach to writing answers is enough, and don't agree that ELL ...
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6 votes

How can I write a better title for my ELL question?

Avoid putting something critical to your question in the title of the question unless you add it to the body of the question as well. In other words, make sure that someone can read your whole ...
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Guide to formatting ELL answers -- best practices?

In general, don't overuse formatting. If you can make do with a paragraph containing one italicized word and a "short" quote, don't turn it into a bulleted list with bold and italics and superscript ...
4 votes

ELL policy re. salutations and thank-you's in questions

There's quite a bit of discussion in the comments, but as the question lacks a formal answer I thought I'd provide one :) The answer is two-fold: First, yes, the SE consensus is to not add "thanks" ...
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Let's use plain language (this time for real)

The suggestion we use "plain language" as described to help English language learners is not a good one. It assumes that those who answer might use confusing language. Some may, there is no ...
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An Editing Manual

Back to top Formatting Use > to create blockquotes for example sentences, and quotes from sources, including, but not limited to, dictionary definitions, grammar articles, quotes from Google ...
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An Editing Manual

Fixing up the tags The purpose of tags is not to completely describe every nuance of the question. Tags should make it easy for people that are interested in answering or reading the answers to that ...
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Suggestion: Markup for an incorrect example

I sometimes use images, such as Correct example here: incorrect example here. This practice is very common in the Wikipedia manual of style (MOS) pages. Remember that any markup should produce a ...
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