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Dictionary which allows specific searches

The dictionary site OneLook has search features like those. You can use wildcard symbols for letters, and limit the search to certain parts of speech as well. Here's an example, using the parameters ...
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Dictionary which allows specific searches

I can recommend you the Corpus of Contemporary American English. A Corpus is a set of texts written in a certain language. You can find many of them online and they are a very good source of research ...
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Alternative websites for proofreading

As said by @Dan Brown, proofreading "is a lot of work, not particularly rewarding, and only ever helps one single person." This means you will get poor support, because native speakers won't have much ...
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Are there any usable prosody tools for English sentences?

AFAIK, no. Japan has a national standard variety of Japanese 標準語, dictating and proscribing the accent and vocabulary, on which school instruction across the country is based, whereas English is more ...
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Is wiktionary a reasonable source to back up answers?

There is a list of resources, including dictionaries, on English Language and Usage Meta that you may find helpful. To answer your question about Wiktionary: as long as the definition is accurate, I ...
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English texts with Russian translation

Alex, there are lots of such sites, just search in Russian for параллельные тексты на английском и русском and you are sure to find something to your level and taste. Besides you can also find some ...
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Google Define Links

I think you just need the q parameter: https://www.google.com/search?q=define+language produces (note that the space has been transformed to a + – otherwise Stack Exchange thinks the link ends after '...
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Resources for learning academic/formal writing?

When I was in college, I took a writing class that used some version of Technical Communication by Mike Markel. It seems to be targeted mostly at native speakers (which most or all of my class was) ...
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Resources for learning English

Android Apps Duolingo Grammar

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