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Is my question an attack and a disrespect?

Your screenshot doesn't include the question itself, only the comments, so I'm not sure how anyone without 10k+ rep on ELL is expected to judge whether or not it's a disrespectful attack. That said, ...
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Is my question an attack and a disrespect?

Please refer to the Code of Conduct: No matter where you engage on the network with your peers, we expect all users to treat one another with kindness and respect. Remember, we’re all here to learn, ...
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Passage in Progressive Tense

That is my frustration. Firstly, somebody started migrating my questions here. Then I get complaints here. Seems like a setup to me I don't know why a question of yours was migrated to meta in the ...
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Should moderators delete answers for combining terseness with comprehensiveness?

Generally, mods should assess whether something flagged by a user as "not an answer" is indeed an answer to the question, and act accordingly. If it doesn't appear to address the question, ...
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