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Why was my answer on the "caps in soccer context" question removed?

Adding greater emphasis on the correct meaning in the citation would have probably been enough. There are dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands, of posts across the entire network that expand and ...
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I don't believe my answer should have been deleted

I agree that your answer shouldn't have been unilaterally deleted by a moderator, especially when that moderator also answered the question. I don't think the deletion was done maliciously, but the ...
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6 votes

Answer needs to be undeleted

The first part of the OP's question, or "first question" if you want to call it that, clearly depends on a misunderstanding that individual elements of words, which might have originated as ...
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4 votes

Why was this Answer deleted by "Community"?

I flagged that answer as spam, and since ♦ moderator votes are binding, one of those flags is enough for the Community user to delete and lock the post, as per the FAQ. Is it something automatically ...
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3 votes

Answer deleted?

I don’t see an answer from you on that post. It looks like you posted your answer on a different question here: What is this large mammal with antlers called: a moose or an elk? A user flagged it and ...
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Should we delete answers that have no explanations?

I'm in favor of ♦ flagging them. Some of these unsubstantiated answers can be converted into helpful comments, and the mod team can convert those that fall under that umbrella.
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I don't believe my answer should have been deleted

The answer was deleted by a moderator, not by user Barmar. That user did post a comment: "The question never says anything about political ads. It's about the syntax "approve" versus &...
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