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Are you guys for real?

Yes, we are for real. We also expect people asking questions to do some research before they ask their questions, and to share the results of that research when they ask their questions. When this ...
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Why are most of my questions marked as "off topic"?

Let's take a look at the following question: What is the meaning of "will fulfill a prophecy by bringing balance to the Force"? Here's the content of your question, formatted slightly to ...
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Seeking for clarification: was my question closed for reasons that comply with the rules accepted on this site?

It's not a very well-written question. I found it to be a little hard to follow. I think the most troublesome part of your question is this: the so-called problem of perception is not generated ...
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Why is my latest question have close vote and downvotes?

You have asked too many questions about your paragraph. That makes the issue too localized to your case. In Stack Exchange, we often try to build a library of information that will aid future learners ...
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What should we do when a reasonable grammar question is incorrectly closed?

Hilariously, the question was closed as "Too Broad" after someone had identified an existing question that was functionally identical to it (and which has to date never attracted even a single close ...
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Is this question really unclear?

From the OP's profile page I see a lot of questions that share the same characteristic: lack of details. The verb "equate" in mathematical sense The question although clear consists of just ...
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What to do with [untagged] questions that are off topic?

All questions need to have at least one tag; edits can never leave a question with zero tags. untagged is automatically created when necessary when a system action would otherwise leave zero tags, ...
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Are requests for part-of-speech tagging in example use on-topic?

I have no problem with POS-tagging per se, as long as the question has no other issues (it is not a duplicate, demonstrates a reasonable research effort, etc.). However, asking someone to parse an ...
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