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9 votes

Extensive edits and bounty allocation by same user

I don't think those edits are appropriate, regardless of any bounty, though the fact that the editor and bounty awarder are the same is rather unseemly. The purpose of editing is to clarify the ...
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8 votes

Found a question that needs a better answer? Why not offer a bounty?

I don't think we should be explicitly encouraging bounties where they are not needed. A conspicuous absence of bounties may simply mean the community is doing really well in its own right. Question ...
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7 votes

What does "question eligible for bounty in 2 days" mean?

Bounties on Stack Exchange are a way to attract more attention to a question (for whatever reason); you can think of them as advertisements paid for with your own reputation. The help center also ...
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3 votes

Where's My Answer?

Here is your answer. Simply go to your main site activity page or answer list, make sure your posts are sorted in order of time posted and voila. The bounty has been awarded, unfortunately. And that ...
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3 votes

Why do ELL's users ignore bounties?

As you have noted, I make my best attempt to answer the question thoroughly as I can with my limited scholarship. I will not attempt to answer if I think the person who placed the bounty really wants ...
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2 votes

Found a question that needs a better answer? Why not offer a bounty?

Sometimes I think, "This is a great answer. I should award a bounty for it." But when I try to do so, Stack Exchange tells me that the question has not been open long enough. By the time the ...
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