It is the obvious thing to flag a question like:

> What is the meaning of "white"?

as being off-topic (answer to be found in a dictionary).

What about questions like [the following][1]:

> #How to use "until" grammatically correct
> Which one is grammatically correct ?

> 1. I waited there until he had come.
> 2. I waited there until he came.

>   What's the rule?

The answer can be found in any grammar book. I flagged myself several of these questions, nothing seems to happen as a result.

Therefore I became curious: what is the recommended handling of these questions? What is supposed to happen? I admit that I might have the wrong understanding.

Note: I encountered "countless" questions with this pattern, some of them not even asking for rules.

Note: I searched on ELL and ELL Meta and I did not find something similar.

**Edit:** I finally found a better example. Please have a look at the [questions][2] posted by [this user][3].

Many (most?) of them follow the same pattern of a quiz, and I cannot notice any improvement in the quality of the questions (actually, I do not even notice an effort to improve). Am I wrong in my assessment?