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What's with James K?

I'm used to 'reinstate Monica' user names, but now I've seen someone called 'xxx supports James K' - what's the story? Should I be 'Michael Harvey didn't vote for Brexit'? Isn't it a bit grandstanding?...
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Information about users - what country they live in and their mother tongue [duplicate]

I think information about users should contain information about the country they live in and their mother tongue. Speakers of languages without articles tend to ask a lot of questions about articles. ...
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Marking older questions as duplicates

I was browsing through questions sorted by "active," starting from the last page (i.e. looking at least active questions), and I came across "the printers is" vs. "the printers are" which seems to ...
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Correct motivation for learner to ask a (possible) duplicate question?

I voted to close unless + future: is it possible as a possible duplicate of the question Why must the future tense not be used after 'unless', which had been asked less than twenty hours previously. ...
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Inappropriate Profiles

Is it allowed to have inappropriate profile pictures and usernames? I would like to point out a specific user right now: Dmitry Fucintv His (I'm assuming it's a he) profile picture is someone (maybe ...
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The difference between the reputation shown in the "all" tab, and the "year" tab is not 101 for all the users who get the association bonus

My reputation shown on is different from the reputation shown on ...
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