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How can I write a better title for my ELL question?

I have an ELL question; but the Stack Exchange format obliges me to write a title not shorter than 15 characters and not longer than 150 characters. So, how do I write a good title? Link to the main ...
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13 votes
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How should we fix the problem of bad question titles on ELL?

I have recently noticed that question titles are not well-formatted or not entirely representative of the associated question content. The result is that this site seems to be like "Yahoo Answers", ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Please use specific titles. Don't just ask "Is this grammatically correct?"

Today, I was looking over at the related questions module on a recent question, and it looked like this: It would be nice if we could tell questions apart simply by looking at their titles. But ...
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Title Cleanup Event (TCE) - An invitation

Q: How should we fix the problem of bad question titles on ELL? A: Basically, my approach consists of three major stages: Make a meta post and teach people how to write good titles. (Done) Edit bad ...
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