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Questions tagged [tag-cleaning]

The tag has no usage guidance.

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Is This Tag Useful? Episode 2 -- The Twins (usage and meaning)

The argument for getting rid of these tags is going to be much more straightforward. We have tags like phrase-meaning, meaning-in-context, sentence-meaning etc. just like we have the likes of word-...
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Lay the [lie-lay-lain-laid] tag to rest

The lie-lay-lain-laid tag is just one example of a tense issue, so everything in it should be retagged to that or something more specific.
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Vocabulary tag rework?

The vocabulary tag has 1000 over questions, but unfortunately I'm not very sure how to tag questions with that tag. The description reads: This tag is for questions about a body of words. It should ...
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The tag “simple” should be deleted

NB: the tag no longer exists. I found that there is a tag called simple in Ell Stack Exchange. For me, this tag is useless, and I don’t know who created this tag. Maybe the user want to create the tag ...
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Stop giving [untagged] useless usage guidance

I've noticed a particular user* suggesting edits (of approximately the same content every time, asking users to refrain from tagging with it and explaining the purpose) to the untagged wiki and usage ...
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Why do we need the tag "articles" if we already have "indefinite-article", "definite-article" and "zero-article"? If it's redundant why not delete it?

There are four tags about articles: articles, indefinite-article, definite-article and zero-article. Could you explain to me please why the tag "articles" is needed if we have the other ...
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