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The reputation is a measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

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What caused these major drops in reputation?

Two users with a lot of reputation, e.g. StoneyB on hiatus and J.R. have gotten a drop of reputation near 2022 (first one 7,000, second one 2,000). Is this due a user being deleted, and the upvotes ...
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Does a rejected suggested edit affect the reputation of the reviewer?

If a user submits a suggested edit, for example from the First Posts or Late Answers, and their edit is not accepted, does that affect their reputation? In what way?
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What is the reputation limit upto which an user has the "new contributor" tag under their name?

Today I saw a question which had one answer. The answerer/user/contributor has 816 reputation points. However, the New Contributor is still visible under his name. How is this working? I mean some ...
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How can I get back my reputation?

Somehow I loose 5 points of reputation by the action of Deleted user and they weren't restored. Could you give me an advise what can I do in such situation? Maybe there is some support that could ...
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Incorrect reputation history

There's a strange thing going on with my reputation history. On June 30th, I supposedly voted down an answer. I can't remember if I did; it links to this answer and in any case I'm able to downvote it ...
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Issue with reputation data in Activity tab

There is some data missing in my Activity - summary tab Reputation section. Since I scored 35, 10 reputations from these questions as well +2 reputations for accept the answer for each questions. ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can anyone with a rep of 1 comment?

As far as I know (or knew!), someone with a reputation of 1 cannot comment on someone else's question/answer. But how about this? Take a look at the comment by kobby fiagbe on the answer given by ...
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3 answers

Why does downvoting reduce our reputation by a point or two?

The downvoting is surely encouraging for a person whose answer is not up to the mark because the comments from reputed authors here give good opportunity to learn and overcome misunderstanding, if any....
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Why no rep for participating on meta

Why don't we get reputation for votes on questions and answer here on meta? I guess it would motivate people to participate in building the site.
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