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Questions tagged [possible-duplicates]

Questions regarding the identification or handling of possible duplicates.

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1 answer

Duplicates: why not be able to choose more than one?

When you opt to close a question due to its being a duplicate, the program automatically churns up examples and you have to choose one. Often, more than one applies, yet there is only one choice ...
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2 answers

Is there a good duplicate target for "What's the difference between the infinitive and the present participle?"

I keep seeing questions like this every day: What's the difference between jump and jumping? Why would I say I like to jump up and down instead of I like jumping up and down? Every time I see ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Old answers help OP gets clear on what they want, but this would make them disqualified. Should new requests be added to the question?

For example, the original revision of the question Is there an idiomatic way to say "go to the path of no way out"? only asked for "the only way to get out is to go backward". After receiving some ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How can an OP find similar questions and avoid posting a "duplicate" question?

That may not the best title, but it describes the situation. Over the past few days two questions have been posted: “Very not fair” vs “not very fair” which is correct and What is the ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Marking older questions as duplicates

I was browsing through questions sorted by "active," starting from the last page (i.e. looking at least active questions), and I came across "the printers is" vs. "the printers are" which seems to ...
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"This question may already have an answer here" - how to deny?

On my question, I noticed a box saying This question may already have an answer here: a / an - adjective - noun 1 answer As this is not a duplicate, I clicked No, my question is different. ...
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