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This tag is for questions regarding off topic questions, including whether a question is on topic and what to do with off topic questions.

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Policy for questions that are entirely answerable with a dictionary

I've asked this question to garner consensus about what we should do with questions that are completely answered by a dictionary definition. This question, for example. (Reproduced here because the ...
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Ask even if the answer exists online

Should one ask a question here even if the answer can be found googling the internet? I asked myself for instance what the meaning of rain check is and where it came from. There can be found several ...
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Abolish off-topic tags [etymology] and [resources]

There are about 20 questions tagged etymology, and 8 questions tagged resources. Both are clearly off-topic according to the Help Center. Of the existing questions, they are either improperly tagged,...
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Stop answering close-worthy questions!

Call to stop answering off-topic questions seems not to have reached the goals it aimed to achieve. Out of the most recent 100 questions that were closed for any other reason than "duplicate", 76 ...
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Call to stop answering off-topic questions

We get a lot of great questions and a lot of great answers on ELL, and I'm super happy with that. But one thing I've been noticing a lot recently is we have a tendency to post answers to questions ...
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Is pedagogy off-topic?

In In what order to learn English? was raised the question whether questions about how to learn English where on topic or not. My take at it is that questions which are specific to learning English ...
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How can I ask about learn tips and tricks

I know that discussion questions are off-topic. But I would like to know a good way to learn new vocabulary. Tips and tricks that help to learn English. Is there any proper way to ask such a ...
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Should we change "What can I ask about?" to include etymology, or at least not specifically exclude it?

The help center says: This is not the right site for questions about: Etymology, evolution of the English language, or historical English - see instead. However, ...
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Translation Questions

This question has been closed as Off-Topic (I cast the final vote). There is this discussion on Area51 in regards to translation questions but there doesn't seem to be a definitive guide on whether we ...
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Should questions be disallowed because the OP thought they were about English but they're not?

This question — "Do PC screens in Australia scan from bottom to top?" -- explain the humour please — raises what I think is an interesting meta point. I've seen a few questions ...
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Is it on topic to ask about English advice given by ChatGPT?

This question Can "neither do I" apply to both disagreement with positive statement and agreement with negative statement? asks whether the advice given by ChatGPT (we can use 'Neither do I' ...
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4 answers

Why ONLY some questions asking lyrics meaning are off topic and not all?

I had asked this question What is the meaning of “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" It took no time for one user to vote 'close' stating the song lyrics are off topic (...
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Should headlines be considered off-topic?

The issue of whether headlines and "headlinese" is on-topic came up because of the question “petition on X” in “Response to We The People Petition on the Protests in Hong Kong”. I don't ...
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Where can I ask questions about TOEFL and GRE?

I've a couple of questions about TOEFL and GRE tests. I'm a bit wary of whether questions on this topic is on-topic at this site or not? My question is mostly about materials of those tests not ...
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Proofreading questions that are ostensibly about a specific issue

Where is the right position of “Often” in this sentence? has just come up in the reopen queue. Here is the original question (the title wasn't changed): in order to cancel other tasks execution ...
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Formal = totalitarian?: Why was this closed?

I beg for your forgiveness if Formal = totalitarian? offends, but I would like to request its reopening. While it's from my law preparation book, my question concerns English, why was it 'closed as ...
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Another "translation question": the ethics of helping professional freelance translators

I would like to echo the sentiment of Colleen in, I assume, her answer to another question. We don't want the site to become a free translation and/or writing service. I heartily concur and I as ...
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