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Are we getting grumpier? A call for a gentler touch

I am a wee bit concerned that -- and I may simply be imagining this -- the amount of downvoting of questions seems to have increased recently. Whenever I look in the list of Questions, it seems like ...
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Could a lesson be included in the TOUR?

I am new to this site and it is still not clear to me what opinion based actually means. I couldn't understand why this question was considered opinion-based and if there is a way to transform it into ...
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Why are the deleted answers to a post shown "modified" and prompted at the top?

This is commonly seen that when someone with 1 reputation point writes an all promotion answer, they get almost a dozen downvotes and then the answer gets deleted, either by a moderator, high-rep user ...
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2 votes
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What is the reputation limit upto which an user has the "new contributor" tag under their name?

Today I saw a question which had one answer. The answerer/user/contributor has 816 reputation points. However, the New Contributor is still visible under his name. How is this working? I mean some ...
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