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"Migration" is the process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.

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Preparing for ELU to start migrating questions to ELL

As ELL has matured over the past hundred or so days, I think we're now reaching a point where ELL is big enough, mature enough, and has enough dedicated high quality answerers that the biggest ...
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Is "Why is 11 am + 1 hour == 12:00 pm?" an English learner's question?

I've been silently ruminating for several days now. Admittedly, I hesitated to say anything because the upvotes my answer accrued finally permitted me to reach that mythical 10k milestone. But, after ...
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Fifty Migration Candidates from ELU > ELL

Some weeks ago now, Grace asked that we please assemble a list of candidate ELU-to-ELL questions instead of flagging them. I compiled such a list based on people’s nominations, but it is a bit hard ...
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What are our thoughts on how ELU is doing at migrating to ELL?

I was very worried when we first decided to allow questions be migrated here from ELU. Now that it's been several months, how is it going? I was prompted to ask this question because three questions ...
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Rejected migrations (deleted from the original site) are incorrectly locked

When a migrated question is rejected, the destination copy is locked to prevent two copies of the same question being in play at the same time. This is a good thing. Locking is a tool, and this is ...
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10 votes
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Should we begin migrating questions to ELU?

The most serious death threat for ELL has been: TPTB will be watching this very closely and if we basically create a copy of ELU, they will shut ELL down before it sees the light of public beta. ...
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Would you like some of EL&U's questions?

A couple of years ago this meta talked about taking question from EL&U: Preparing for ELU to start migrating questions to ELL There has been more than one occasion at EL&U where their ...
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I see in hindsight that a question might have been better for ELU. It has close votes now

This question has now got two close votes. One user commented: Where is the value to a new learner of English in this protracted slap fight? When I posted this I didn't know it was such a nuanced ...
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Should we have an official ELL -> ELU migration path?

As a follow-up to Should we begin migrating questions to ELU?, (and counterpart to Now that ELL is a ...
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Why is our only migration option to "Migrate to meta"?

I thought that we were allowed 3-5 targets for migration. This user's been asking a series of questions that aren't in any way about the English language and should probably be on Academia but I can'...
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1 answer

Why does another SE site option only include ELL Meta SE?

So there is this question on main site today which in Justin's opinion and my opinion too, better fitted another SE site altogether. I was trying to flag the question so that moderators could easily ...
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Request for migration of a question - [resolved]

Edit: another user has identified a canonical question on the other site which would make mine a duplicate, so this is probably not the best candidate for migration. Recently, I asked this question ...
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Question about Links to Migrated Questions

When a question is migrated from ELU to ELL, you can click on the migrated question in ELU, and it takes you to the question in ELL. For example, when you click on this ELU question: (CLICK ON IMAGE)...
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Locked question does have an answer

I'm not sure of the proper solution, and I've briefly searched meta. The question As an intermediate English student, I need ur guidance is on hold and locked, but it does have an answer as asked: ...
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Why was this question migrated to ELU?

Why was Difference between “did + verb” and just “verb+ed” migrated to ELU? It was apparently asked by a nonnative speaker unable to distinguish, say, I did answer from I answered. Since all native ...
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Is there need for a migrate path to LL.SE?

Today, LL.SE (Language Learning) opened to private beta. As a graduated site, we can have migrate paths, so when public beta opens over on LL, is there a need for a default path to there? Are there ...
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