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Embed an audio player

Questions about the pronunciation of a word as heard are probably common for a site for people learning a language. I can imagine questions similar to the following ones: I listened to this [link to ...
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Request for New Delete Comment: Very Low Quality Answer

Currently, an answer can be flagged as “very low quality”: This often happens when an answer is very short. Most of the time, this means that the author has put forth a response based either on ...
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Could SE easily support a moderator-editable occasional banner?

In the comments on my answer to WendiKidd's question about a Canonical Post I recalled that during Private Beta we had a temporary "banner" across the top of the splash page, with a message ...
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Why can't we have 'star' for the answers?

I'm simply loving this site. Thanks a ton to the makers. While almost all features are useful, I think it lacks one more feature -favoriting the answer the same way we do for the questions. At times, ...
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Expand the tag wiki for "article"

I've noticed a number of recent questions on ELL that request advice using articles. To avoid having to list the basic rules of use, I would like to propose that the current tag wiki: Article is the ...
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Visibility of the `edit` link

It sometimes occurs to me that text-decoration: none makes the edit link difficult for some visitors hard to identify. On more than one occasion, a comment pointing out the link has resulted in a ...
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Why don't we have notification for a comment with 10+ upvotes?

I love the way ELL comes up with gamification. While we have such lovely notifications for upvote, popular question, good question, good answer and so on, we lack one important thing, I think. Why ...
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Why are the deleted answers to a post shown "modified" and prompted at the top?

This is commonly seen that when someone with 1 reputation point writes an all promotion answer, they get almost a dozen downvotes and then the answer gets deleted, either by a moderator, high-rep user ...
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Let's have a meeting conversation through Skype

I'm pretty sure that ELL could be a very useful site for those who are learning English. However, for speaking and listening skills it wouldn't offer anythings. As far as we have weekly writing chat, ...
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Can "What should I do when someone answers my question?" be improved etc.?

Full question: Can What should I do when someone answers my question? be improved by suggesting the OP provide clarification and guidance when the existing answers are not satisfactory? In an answer ...
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