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This tag is referring to the process of identifying and closing questions that are exact duplicates of another question.

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What should be done if a question is better written, and gets better answers, than a mostly duplicate question?

This question was recently asked. It's a well written question, and has attracted multiple good answers with a lot of explanation and nuance. It looks like it will be a very useful resource for ...
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Can I post the same answer on a duplicate question?

Warning! Blatant self-promotion ahead! I posted this answer:, and the question was since marked as a duplicate. My answer has been well received and I feel ...
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Handle duplicate questions from English stackexchange

I noticed quite a few questions asked in English Language Learners have got answers in English stackexchange. Some examples are, 1a) 'Did see' and 'Saw' 1b) What's the difference between "...
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How can I inform moderators to rethink about their decision?

I asked few questions on English Language Learners, and one of them is marked as a duplicate: Are "present continuous" and "be going to" interchangeable? I believe the question ...
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Correct motivation for learner to ask a (possible) duplicate question?

I voted to close unless + future: is it possible as a possible duplicate of the question Why must the future tense not be used after 'unless', which had been asked less than twenty hours previously. ...
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