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Should we expand the “It’s in the dictionary” close reason to include etymological questions?

Consider the recent question Is cockroach composed of cock and roach? The post’s title says it all. @FumbleFingers and I both left quick—and perhaps overly snarky—comments illustrating how easily the ...
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I'm a monolinguist but have had a bad experience on English Language & Usage (EL&U). Might I break any (site-specific) rule for asking questions here instead of EL&U? Sure I could get ...
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As a native speaker, can I ask a parsing/meaning question?

English is my first language, but I have encountered a text that I cannot parse. I can extract some meaning from it, but on closer inspection it doesn't actually seem to be formally correct. Can I ask ...
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Cross posting between ELL and EL&U

An example is this: When should I use an em-dash, an en-dash, and a hyphen? There is no such question on ELL and is only on EL&U, but I am assuming it is not allowed to post this on ELL. Am I ...
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Should we close a question that is a duplicate on ELU?

In this question, user mjjf correctly comments that the answer can be found on a question asked on ELU. Given how closely linked ELL and ELU are, it feels like the ELL question should be "closed ...
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Display "link back" links on ELU questions someone has mentioned in an ELL question

During a discussion on EL&U about a link to an ELL question that someone added in a comment, Laurel had an idea to show links on both sites if someone linked a related question on the other site: ...
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What is the difference between 'English Language & Usage' and 'English Language Learners'? [duplicate]

I want to know the difference between the two Stack Exchange sites 'English Language & Usage' and 'English Language Learners' (this site).
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Proposal to merge ELL and ELU

Over the past few years, I have spent some time on ELU and ELL. (I deleted several accounts, so my current account is very new, in case you are wondering.) I understand that ELL was formed because of ...
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What are our thoughts on how ELU is doing at migrating to ELL?

I was very worried when we first decided to allow questions be migrated here from ELU. Now that it's been several months, how is it going? I was prompted to ask this question because three questions ...
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ELL answers out of sync with ELU answers

An ELL question got some highly upvoted answers that don't jive with the answers given at English Language & Usage on a related question. I am concerned that the ELL readers are being given ...
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What is the difference between and [duplicate]

What is the difference between and Why two sites are built as English Language forums?
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What is the difference between the "English Language & Usage" and "English Language Learners"?

What is the difference between the "English Language & Usage" and "English Language Learners"? Could anyone clarify the differences? Which questions should I ask here, and which ones should I ask ...
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Should we close questions that are exact duplicates of open ELU questions?

Recently one user posted this question (Is this an inversion or other construction?), however it is an almost exact duplicate of this question on ELU: In my opinion questioners should ask their ...
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Why split ELL and ELU?

Why create ELL when a huge percentage of ELU questions that I have seen appear to be from non native English speakers and are asking for things that few native speakers need. Is there a consensus ...
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Should we begin migrating questions to ELU?

The most serious death threat for ELL has been: TPTB will be watching this very closely and if we basically create a copy of ELU, they will shut ELL down before it sees the light of public beta. ...
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What to do when an ELL question matches an ELU question?

I realize someone has already asked us to not copy open ELU questions on purpose. However, even if that advice is followed, some questions are bound to be asked on ELL that have already been raised ...
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How do I determine whether a question fits on English Language & Usage or on English Language Learners?

It's been less than ten minutes since I've been on this page and already I have a dire need: A checklist on: how do I determine whether a question fits on English Language & Usage or on English ...
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