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Editing is a core, fundamental Stack Exchange value; we allow editing by registered and unregistered users (if peer reviewed).

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One question-editing policy to rule them all

There is some dispute about editing questions here on ELL, specifically correcting grammar and spelling. Multiple Q&As exist, with different and mostly incompatible answers: When should I correct ...
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Edits to my answers sometimes generate multiple answers rather than applying the edits

In this question, I answered it, then edited my answer a few times in rapid succession. Each time I used the "edit" link. Now I notice that there are two separate answers, one being an ...
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After editing a question, what should I do if I understand that sentence is too broad or something?

I usually edit questions that are not very well-formatted. In fact, before reading such a question, I instantly start to edit it. In other words, I read and edit the questions simultaneously. Recently,...
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Broader acceptance of revisions from community

Background Discussion has been limited regarding the acceptable extent and nature of revisions for questions, by contributors other than the author, especially over any considerations that might be ...
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How come I can cast/review close votes, but not have my edits apply immediately/review suggested edits?

First off, I understand on a technical level that I can't do this because these are the milestones set by the site, but I wanted to know why it was this way. On StackOverflow, you require 3000 rep ...
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