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This tag refers to all questions deleted from Stack Exchange sites. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Finding deleted threads

Is it possible to restore deleted threads? I didn't know admins delete them. If I did I would have saved them; there were some interesting discussions. I really need them.
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I deleted my post but it isn't gone

I deleted one of my previous posts, but it still can be seen. Is there a problem?
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Why did "Community" (the system) delete three questions with their four answers?

I noticed that three answered questions all with a negative score of -2 were recently deleted, the notice reads This post is hidden. It was deleted yesterday by Community♦. I would like to know why ...
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Why was my question deleted? Did I not follow some rule?
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Should I delete my question?

I had asked a question here, then users answered it in comments section. after I read the comments, I feel the question is not valid. Should I delete it?
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How can I find out what I did wrong?

I logged in this morning, to find that I had somehow accumulated 8 down votes on a single question. The activity page says that the question has been deleted. I am new to this site, and eager to ...
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My question on Advanced English Grammar?

If my question were deleted, would a moderator please repost the the input? I ask about this now because I only now just lighted upon this answer on subject-dependent inversion, which cites The ...
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Why are my questions being deleted on ELL?

someone told me that i can edit my previous question which is on hold (Focused & Narrowed & Two Ships Flanking: What is happening with these two ships?), but I found that it is deleted and can'...
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