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Questions about answers removed/ or deleted by moderator or community intervention.

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Should we delete answers that have no explanations?

From time to time one runs across answers here that offer nothing beyond a bare answer to the question taken in a narrow sense. In particular, there's no general explanation, no attempt to show a ...
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Why was my answer on the "caps in soccer context" question removed?

From the comments beneath the answer, there is significant disagreement that it is in fact NAA: The NAA review was completed by a moderator. Another moderator chose to delete. Please explain why it ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Answer needs to be undeleted

Lambie's answer to "Counter" in "countersteering" an adverb or adjective? which was recently re-opened should be undeleted promptly. I see no valid reason why it was ever deleted. ...
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Why was this Answer deleted by "Community"?

I'm sometimes accused of being a bit heavy-handed with my closevotes, but at least if I get it wrong, there have to be four other users voting the same way before anything actually happens. Whereas ...
3 votes
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When should I vote to delete answers that I wouldn't flag?

I recently asked When should I vote to delete answers that I wouldn't flag? on the mother meta, but so far haven't gotten a lot of feedback. Since ELL is the only site I can currently directly ...
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Answer deleted?

I posted a short -- but not too short -- answer to Narrow streets behind houses but it almost instantly disappeared. Can you tell me why?
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Why are the deleted answers to a post shown "modified" and prompted at the top?

This is commonly seen that when someone with 1 reputation point writes an all promotion answer, they get almost a dozen downvotes and then the answer gets deleted, either by a moderator, high-rep user ...
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3 answers

I don't believe my answer should have been deleted

This post explicitly asks why people use the phrase in question: I assume people say it just for fun, unless there is a good reason to say it this way, is there? My answer is the only one that ...
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How can I find out what I did wrong?

I logged in this morning, to find that I had somehow accumulated 8 down votes on a single question. The activity page says that the question has been deleted. I am new to this site, and eager to ...
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