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2 answers

What do I better to study to be a competitive writer in here?

I wonder what kind of degree people have in the English Learner’s Forum. BA in English BA in Linguistics BA in Education I want to be a good writer like James K or Mari Lou-A.
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2 votes
1 answer

Why did "Community" (the system) delete three questions with their four answers?

I noticed that three answered questions all with a negative score of -2 were recently deleted, the notice reads This post is hidden. It was deleted yesterday by Community♦. I would like to know why ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Toxic and Inappropriate comments by the Community bot

The "Community" bot seems to have started writing comments. These seem less than helpful. For example: Should I write "I opened him the door." after I had made him open the door? ...
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1 answer

Why was this Answer deleted by "Community"?

I'm sometimes accused of being a bit heavy-handed with my closevotes, but at least if I get it wrong, there have to be four other users voting the same way before anything actually happens. Whereas ...
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