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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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Are requests for part-of-speech tagging in example use on-topic?

We recently had a question where a usage example was given, along with an attempt at part-of-speech tagging, and a request to validate that tagging: Knowing what grammar is used A user then closed the ...
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Is this question really unclear? [closed]

One of my questions has been closed because "it needs details or clarity." I find the question clear and I think it was closed because some people do not like short questions. But being ...
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unlocking questions with historical significance

We have a question about "small" and "little" Difference between "little" and "small" It is fairly ancient, however the question seems reasonable. The use of &...
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Why is my latest question have close vote and downvotes?

I see close votes and downvotes on my last question. Is it not allowed to ask here?
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Are you guys for real?

I posted a question I had (Suck er vs suck-up right here.) and you guys put the question on hold as off-topic just because it had the word "sucker". Why is everyone so offended on this forum? I asked ...
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What to do with [untagged] questions that are off topic?

So as far as I know the untagged tag is automatically added to migrated questions as they have no tags. If this tag is left on a question I could be confusing. When I was searching the tag I found a ...
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Seeking for clarification: was my question closed for reasons that comply with the rules accepted on this site?

My question was put on hold, and then closed, as falling under the category, primarily oppinion based. The question was about the proper usage of articles in a statement, which is a topic welcomed ...
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Why are most of my questions marked as "off topic"?

I always refer my question source which is completely in text form I know my questions related to movies but in text form for this you don't have see the movie for answering my question, just read ...
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What should we do when a reasonable grammar question is incorrectly closed?

Here is one of the most important yet most difficult questions about English for the majority of language learners in the world: What is the difference between 'a' and 'the'? My ...
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Excuse me, please. Get out of my way!

I was a little disappointed to see this question (Are there any respectful but strong words to tell people to move faster?) closed on ELL. There are plenty of ways to tell a pedestrian to get out of ...
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How to interpret subtleties between sentences on 'faith' and 'theology' - Why was this closed?

I beg for your forgiveness if How to interpret subtleties between sentences on 'faith' and 'theology'? offends, but I'd like to request its reopening. I'm asking only about English (...
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What's the purpose of the first clause of the article? - Why was this closed?

I beg for your forgiveness if offends, but I would like to request its reopening. While it's from my law preparation book, my question concerns English, so ...
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Formal = totalitarian?: Why was this closed?

I beg for your forgiveness if Formal = totalitarian? offends, but I would like to request its reopening. While it's from my law preparation book, my question concerns English, why was it 'closed as ...
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Why was the mind maps question reopened, and should it remain so?

This question about mind maps was posted. I cast a close vote, then when I signed off, it had accrued three more. Today, I see a comment from FumbleFingers indicating a fifth vote was cast, and there ...
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Proofreading questions that are ostensibly about a specific issue

Where is the right position of “Often” in this sentence? has just come up in the reopen queue. Here is the original question (the title wasn't changed): in order to cancel other tasks execution ...
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Closing questions because of lack of clarity/broadness/etc

Something has come up frequently, and it's that many questions are closed or put on hold simply because the way it's worded is not clear as to what the question is, or it's too broad in asking for ...
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Fifty Migration Candidates from ELU > ELL

Some weeks ago now, Grace asked that we please assemble a list of candidate ELU-to-ELL questions instead of flagging them. I compiled such a list based on people’s nominations, but it is a bit hard ...
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