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This tag is for questions specifically about the process of asking questions on a Stack Exchange site.

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Can I submit a video here for feedback on my pronunciation?

I am trying to improve my pronunciation of English words. For these purposes, I make short videos. That is, I want to know not about a specific word, but in general how understandable my speech is. My ...
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As a native speaker, can I ask a parsing/meaning question?

English is my first language, but I have encountered a text that I cannot parse. I can extract some meaning from it, but on closer inspection it doesn't actually seem to be formally correct. Can I ask ...
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Screenshots in questions -- What should we do to discourage such behavior?

Today I came across these two questions, this one and this one, where the questioner has simply attached the photo, or may I say screenshot, of the whole page, which essentially appears to be on a ...
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Threshold for questions easily answered by Wikipedia?

Is there one? Because this question can pretty obviously be answered by the two Wikipedia pages. Difference between 'stomach' and 'uterus' Or is it necessary to use the word womb ...
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What should I do if I have another question about an asked question

I had a question about the phrase "tend to" and I found this question which asks about this phrase: meaning of "tend to" But now I have a question about the text example in this question. ...
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Can I post a question I've already asked, but with more detail?

I asked a question in ELL and got one detailed answer which I accepted. But later, I realized I still have queries and that that answer raised further questions. Also, my original question remains ...
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Old answers help OP gets clear on what they want, but this would make them disqualified. Should new requests be added to the question?

For example, the original revision of the question Is there an idiomatic way to say "go to the path of no way out"? only asked for "the only way to get out is to go backward". After receiving some ...
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Need to confirm this question about the spelling of "Android" is on-topic here

I have the question below: Most of the time when I'm trying to write the word Android, I get the confusion about it's spelling, like will it be Andorid or Android. So most of the time I was written ...
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How to salvage/improve questions: a guide by example

TL;DR: let's make a catalog of "How to salvage your question" examples. There are a handful of reasons that a lot of our questions on our main site, ELL, get closed on. Except for "duplicate of ...", ...
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Stretching the teacher/student role

I go to several sites here on SE, often to get answers to questions I have. This particular site is unique for me because as a native American English speaker, my role here is as a teacher. I'm almost ...
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Is it ok to ask for song meanings?

I'd like to know whether ELL is the right place to ask about song meanings and slangs in general. For example, Sheryl Crow starts a song saying "Slappin' leather" which, until some time ago, I had no ...
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Should we make special excuses for not attempting to search prior asking?

In comments to this question, a somewhat emotional, but still useful discussion has raised. In my understanding, the OP has not made an effort to search for existing questions. Another user suggested ...
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