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Questions tagged [answers]

This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Edits to my answers sometimes generate multiple answers rather than applying the edits

In this question, I answered it, then edited my answer a few times in rapid succession. Each time I used the "edit" link. Now I notice that there are two separate answers, one being an ...
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How can I improve my downvoted answers?

I asked a question here in Meta. I wanted to know if I could offer a bounty and ask ELL users to help me improve my downvoted answers or understand why they are wrong. That probably wasn't a good idea ...
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ELL's Greatest Hits Page

I came across the Stack Exchange's Greatest Hits blog post on EL&U's meta, and found that ELL has a "greatest hits" page. This page lists the questions that have received a lot of ...
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Off topic comments growing on my answer

I've answered a question about plural "staff" which has attracted comments solely about plural "water". None has mentioned "staff" (the topic of the OP's question) or has suggested improvements. I'm ...
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Proposal: Encourage new users to accept the correct answer

Scrolling down the ell feed, one can see that the majority of questions do not have accepted answers. StackExchange as a website has a strong emphasis on accepting a useful and/or correct answer and I ...
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