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Handling scant "What does this mean" questions

We have recently seen a number of questions in this basic format: What does this mean? The magic words are squeamish ossifrage. I don't understand this quote. When encountering ...
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So, you found a sentence or phrase... (Why you should cite your source)

So, you found a sentence or phrase that confuses you, and now you want to know what it means. If your confusion stems from the fact that you are an English novice, then ELL is a good place to ask. ...
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Request question reopen (and/or explanation for closevotes)

The question Which is correct? do they? or don't they? or have they or haven't they? was summarily closed for reasons that aren't clear to me. Personally, I don't think it's necessarily obvious that ...
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Mod Election 2021 Open Discussion [closed]

I'm posting this as a place to ask additional questions of the candidates. Feel free to edit this post to add your question. I would recommend following this post after you add a question to get ...
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Please, everyone ... details. Please!

I've seen a lot of questions crop up recently, where individuals are giving a very brief snippet of English, and asking questions like these: Is this correct? What does this mean? What is the ...
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Could a lesson be included in the TOUR?

I am new to this site and it is still not clear to me what opinion based actually means. I couldn't understand why this question was considered opinion-based and if there is a way to transform it into ...
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I comment "What do you think and why?" to a question "Is this correct?" - and someone posts an answer "No - this is incorrect because . . ."

I have a genuine problem and I am quite upset. I have encountered many questions that are of the following type: (a) Is this correct? (b) Which is correct and why? (c) Please help correct this. ...
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Do we focus more on building a database of answers, or helping individual learners?

Half the time when I see people post a question, there is more focus on the inadequacies of the question than on actually answering it. It shouldn't have been asked because it's a duplicate. It's put ...
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Answering off-topic questions

I have been criticised for answering off-topic "is this correct" questions, which I accept, but others are still doing so without censure. What is going on?
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Let's be more careful with closing

So I clicked "review". Then, my eyes popped out of a mixed feeling of surprise, shame and anger. There were 11 posts in the close vote queue! (And I had checked the queue a bit earlier) ...
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More input from the OPs

I was looking at some of my answers on ELL, and I feel that I'm experiencing a slightly worrying trend in that, there doesn't seem to be enough sustained interest from the OP to answers on his/her ...
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Stop answering close-worthy questions!

Call to stop answering off-topic questions seems not to have reached the goals it aimed to achieve. Out of the most recent 100 questions that were closed for any other reason than "duplicate", 76 ...
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The contradiction that lies beneath

The TL;DR; version is more or less the last section. I recommend that you don't skip and read all I have to say, though it's your own choice. Preamble Just like how life gets interesting when you ...
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there is a "bad question" on ELL I'm wondering why It's bad

I up-voted this question on ELL and the question got down-voted and looks like it's going to be closed. I was told it's a bad question and I shouldn't have up-voted it, why? I find the words '...
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A New Site For Elementary English Learners

The English Language Learners site (ELL) was originally made to accommodate English learners that cannot write questions to the standards of the English Language & Usage (ELU) site (which I ...

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