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Please, everyone ... details. Please!

I've seen a lot of questions crop up recently, where individuals are giving a very brief snippet of English, and asking questions like these: Is this correct? What does this mean? What is the ...
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Contributor's Guide to English Language Learners

I thought it would be nice if we had a community maintained guide to ELL written in easy-to-understand language and arranged to make the most important things to know easy to find. The help center has ...
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A question was just asked on ELL, and it needs a lot of work. Here's a screen shot. There are two problems with this question: first, the way the initial question was asked; second, the way a follow-...
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What is the deal with voting here?

When can 'the' be used before a name? That is just an example. I have noticed that people here don't bother to vote much. Can something be done about it? Now I don't know which one of those ...
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Would you like some of EL&U's questions?

A couple of years ago this meta talked about taking question from EL&U: Preparing for ELU to start migrating questions to ELL There has been more than one occasion at EL&U where their ...
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Handling scant "What does this mean" questions

We have recently seen a number of questions in this basic format: What does this mean? The magic words are squeamish ossifrage. I don't understand this quote. When encountering ...
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Should we take action on posts from experienced users with uncited quotes?

I got a flag quite recently pointing out that an experienced (rep >2k) user had included a quoted text in a post as an example, without specifying the source, or giving either attribution or ...
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Attribution: the good and the bad

Recently, there have been a series of posts when a user's comment has been transformed into an answer or long excerpts have been quoted from various English websites. First of all, just to be clear, ...
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How to provide context If something randomly comes into your mind?

So I had asked a question and it was put on hold because there was not enough context. What is the difference in these two sentenses? So if you are writing a letter and you are confused between ...
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Comment Templates

Guidance is pretty important, and that's usually emphasized when we notice a new user's downvoted question without any comments. Comments are also ephemeral necessary evils — they're both ...
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Could somebody explain how to get the Curious, Inquisitive and Socratic badges?

I don't understand very well how it is possible to ask a question on 5 separate days or more. I can ask a question in 5 minutes or less. Also very confused about what the phrase "positive question ...
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Why will my account be blocked?

I was trying asking a question , it says : Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more. For help formulating a clear, ...
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