Earlier today I tried to tag a question "nouns", and the system wouldn't let me, saying that the tag already existed.

Just a minute ago, I wanted to tag another question "adjectives", same problem: already exists.

I am used to the plural form from other SE sites — ELU, GLU, and Linguistics. Their corresponding meta threads are:

I propose that we prefer the plural form on ELL as well. (The singular forms would still exist as automatically remapping synonyms.)

I did see the general discussion good names for tags, which (by virtue of it being general) has some overlap with this one, but I think this issue here is rather tiny and can be singled out and dealt with swiftly.

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I strongly agree with you, I feel this will help people that come from other SE sites to understand better. Thank you for making a point out of this, as many might have just found it unimportant.


I think it's not so important whether singular or plural is used, but that the form chosen be used consistently, and that the "other" form be accepted as a synonym. Since plural seems to be the more common form used on other sites, then that is probably a better choice.

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