Edit: another user has identified a canonical question on the other site which would make mine a duplicate, so this is probably not the best candidate for migration.

Recently, I asked this question which I believed would be on-topic for this site, but has attracted a lot of feedback which tends to misunderstand what I was actually asking. This, and the fact that a high-rep user suggested re-asking this question there, lead me to believe that the question would be a better fit for the ELU site.

The issue is that I don't see any way of migrating the question myself, and I don't want to delete the original as that would also delete everyone else's comments and answer. Multiple users have contributed interesting and thoughtful content to the question which, although not what I was looking for, might very well be helpful to future viewers. Could someone with the required privileges please migrate this question to the other site? I didn't include a link because of the meta effect, but the question should be easy to find as it's my only one so far. Thank you very much for your time and attention!

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I have migrated your question to EL&U.

FWIW, I too consider that question better suited to EL&U as it doesn't reflect the needs of a language learner, as nobody needs to know what category of word "arrived" is in that context to be able to produce or understand it perfectly.

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    Thanks, @gotube! I can't believe how fast someone answered the question over on the other site :) May 23, 2023 at 4:40

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