In this question, user mjjf correctly comments that the answer can be found on a question asked on ELU. Given how closely linked ELL and ELU are, it feels like the ELL question should be "closed as duplicate"... but there isn't a duplicate on this stack exchange, only on another related one.

Should we close the question? If so, how should we close it, given that you can't select a question on another stack exchange? If not, should we basically copy the answer over here, maybe rewriting it slightly to avoid plagiarism? That doesn't seem right to me either.

  • This has been discussed on ELU's meta . Do you think it would be helpful to close your question because there are answers on another site written from the perspective of a different community?
    – ColleenV
    Feb 23 at 15:29

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  • Is the question off-topic on ELL?
    Vote to close it.

  • Is the question a duplicate of an older question on ELL?
    Vote to close it as a duplicate because the answer can be found on ELL.

  • Is the original post a duplicate of an older question but on a different site?
    Check to see it is not written by the same author. If it is, this is called cross-posting, it is generally frowned upon. Users can flag the post to draw a moderator's attention, who will likely close it or delete it.
    If the two posts were written by two completely different authors with a gap of one or more years, ELL users can leave it open, vote to close it because it is off-topic on ELL, or flag for it to be migrated to the other site where it can be closed as a duplicate.

  • Is the post on-topic and has never been asked before on ELL? I see four choices:
    a) Edit, if it improves the post
    b) Leave it alone
    c) Cast a vote
    c) Consider posting an answer.


This has been a constant issue with Stack Exchange: duplicate questions posted on different Stack Exchange websites. I believe the only good solution is Stack Exchange implementing the "crossover questions" feature that has been suggested years ago.

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