If I see a question that's been closed and IMO deserves reopening, what's the intended process for getting it reopened again, both when I think it was wrongly closed, and when it has since been improved to meet the standard?

In searching Meta, I've found requests to open particular closed questions, I've seen it implied that merely editing a closed question triggers a reopen vote, and I've checked the topics in Help Center, but I haven't found anything that definitively states how the procedure is designed to happen.


This article contains all the details: https://meta.stackexchange.com/help/reopen-questions

But tl;dr:

Any closed question gets reopened when:

  • one moderator votes to reopen it, OR
  • when a question reaches 5 reopen votes (only users with 3,000+ rep can vote)

There is also a reopen vote queue where designated candidates for reopening are listed. A closed question enters this queue either when

  • one 3,000+ user votes to reopen it, OR
  • someone edits the question within 5 days of it being closed

You can bring attention to a question by posting it here in Meta.

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