Last night I wrote an answer to a question that had a 300 Bounty on it for five more days. The person said, "I still want a satisfactory answer." Tonight I can no longer find the Bounty or the Question. Nor can I find my answer or a record on my profile of the activity. Where is my answer? What happened to it?

I forget the exact wording of the question; it was something about why one uses the indefinite article when talking about the wind.

The description of the question provided three examples, two of which I chose to write about, as follows:

  1. There's a wind blowing through here tonight.
  2. was a definition of wind; I skipped it.
  3. Open the doors so I can get a breeze.

I think I wrote a good informative answer. It was different from what anyone else had posted; I understood they wanted a different approach. If it did not meet the person's "satisfaction," surely it was not so bad that it would be deleted without a sign. Where is it?

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Here is your answer. Simply go to your main site activity page or answer list, make sure your posts are sorted in order of time posted and voila.

The bounty has been awarded, unfortunately. And that is why you can't find the question on the bountied list any more.


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