I was about to submit an edit on a question, when I got this:

too many pending edits

I do not remember how many edits I did in the whole day, and how many of them are yet pending. So I would like to know when do we get such error/warning message? Specifically speaking, how many pending edits make up for this warning message?

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Things like that are covered in The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide. It says you can have at most 5 pending suggested edits here, as mentioned here (that Q&A also explains why there is a limit). You can see your pending edits in your profile. This is not a limit per day; if your edits are approved (or rejected) sooner than that, you can suggest new edits the same day.

  • Thank you so much, for editing the title of my question as well as for the answer. I had never explored the other tabs available in the profile page. I must do it one fine day. Commented Nov 15, 2020 at 19:49

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