I am not sure if it is only me, but sometimes I can't see the edits made by Community moderator. And by Community moderator, I am talking about this person or this person. I did not get any relevant posts after searching here.

I randomly opened this question which is showing edited by Community on (04/13/2017). Though I did not understand what the changes were, because the OP wrote the same thing and the edit is also showing the same thing. I mean then what is the edit actually?

But on the similar terms if I see, I was reading this post which was showing edited by Community two hours ago. But I can't see any edits anywhere, neither in the question nor in the answers. Similar observations in this post. Is it just me or are the edits invisible?

I believe the edits should me made visible since it helps the writer to know what their mistakes are/were.

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Regarding Q1 (Community user locks post, preventing user from making clarifying edits):

The Community Mod did mass editing to links changing them from http to https a while back. There should be a Meta SE post around somewhere explaining this in detail. Anyway, you can see the change if you click "Side-by-side Markdown"enter image description here

Regarding the other two questions, these are getting bumped by the Community Mod:

What can cause a question to be "bumped" to the first page in the Active tab of a Stack Exchange site? (Changing the "Last Active" date.)



Meta SE: What can cause a question to be bumped?

In other words, no "mistake" was "corrected". The post is simply given visibility on the "Active" page by the Community Mod.

One way to see evidence of this more clearly is to check the revision page. If a post was previously edited by a user, just click the "edited [date/time]" link to go to the revision page, like in this one: Using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in one sentence.

enter image description here

Then you will see something like:

enter image description here

When a post hasn't been edited, you can still go to the revision page and see something similar.

Tip: You can take original link (e.g. Q2) https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/169672/which-should-be-used-swap-over-or-swap-with and change "questions" to "posts" and the last part to "revisions". The important part is the Post ID, "169672". You can also get this from the "Share" button.

Another way to see the bump is to visit the timeline page. Under the bookmark icon, there should be a little clock-looking icon.

enter image description here

Click that to go to the timeline and see the bump there too.

enter image description here

(Also see "Tip" above.)

  • Thank you so much. This answer is very helpful. Though I am still a bit confused about the revision page and where it is, I am working on it. On the other hand the timeline button is helpful. Until now it never occurred to me to use that tiny button. It sometimes got out of my eye range altogether, hence got ignored. I will waiting for some time before accepting this as an answer. Hope you don't mind. Oct 3, 2020 at 10:15
  • Please see my edits regarding the revisions page and how to get there. I was hesitant to include the timeline page because it is somewhat obscure as far as I remember. That button seems to have been implemented somewhat recently for regular users(?). Because I don't recall that being there before, unless I'm mistaken.
    – Em.
    Oct 3, 2020 at 10:36
  • I knew mods had access to the timeline button, but I didn't recall if regular users did. Then I quickly checked a different SE (where I am a regular user) and it was there. So I add a bit about that. I didn't realize Glorfindel♦ had covered it, otherwise I would have left my answer alone. :) Also, we encourage waiting longer before accepting an answer, so no need to worry.
    – Em.
    Oct 3, 2020 at 10:37

Sometimes, the timeline of a question tells you what happened:

enter image description here

The Community user periodically bumps old questions with answers which need some reviewing. This used to be more visible, but they've deliberately removed the banner. The home page says the Community user modified the question, which doesn't mean the post itself was edited; it only added an event to the timeline.

In other cases, a user may have posted a spam answer to the question; if the answer and user are deleted, the activity will be attributed to the Community user. You'll need 10k reputation to see answers like that.

For more details about the Community user and what it does, see this FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange: Who is the Community user?

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