Question's in the title: what can we do to generate more traffic for ELL? Taking a look at our area51 stats, everything is doing well except for visits per day. The stat explanation says:

1,500 visits per day is good, 500 visits per day needs some work.

We've got a whopping 258 visits/day, and this stat has been pretty much the same every time I've checked it during the public beta. We're hovering around 250, which is only half of the benchmark to start worrying.

I think we're doing really well with the community we're building, but we really aren't getting many new active users, and clearly we're not getting out-of-network visits very often. The area51 page also says:

A great site benefits people outside the community. Eventually, 90% of a site's traffic should come from search engines.

So, keeping these things in mind, any ideas for things we can do to increase traffic for the site? I don't want the community to stagnate, I want us to grow!

  • You're just splitting up the information. Saying the question was asked 30 days ago is not sufficient reason to (re)create an identical conversation. If you have another more-specific premise under which to discuss specific options, then please do ask much more specific questions.... but this post should be merged with the duplicate discussion on this generic discussion. Commented Apr 10, 2013 at 17:30


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