What are the resources for which I could give a link when giving the definition of a word, or a phrase?

I usually use the definition given from the NOAD, OED, or the Merriam-Webster, which are accessible through an application on my computer/iPod, but I would like to refer a resource that is freely accessible to everybody.

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If I'm copy-and-pasting a definition, I'll just do it the way you do, and simply cite NOAD.

If I want to paste a link to a specific definition, though, I'll usually use Macmillan, Collins, or ODO. Those sites seem to be fairly "clean" and don't have too much heavy advertising. (I avoid M-W and Dictionary.com, because those sites seem more cluttered with advertising; M-W in particular will sometimes contain video ads that start playing after landing on the page.)

If I want to give a link to other dictionary links, I'll generally use OneLook for that. And if I want to use a page that has definitions from more than one dictionary, I'll often use Wordnik.

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    +1 In my experience ODO usually provides the most examples, which are of particular value to our Learners, and uses the fewest abbreviations and ellipses, which are likely to be baffling to them. – StoneyB on hiatus Feb 23 '13 at 16:54

In addition to the sources named by J.R. I suggest the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (OALD), which provides somewhat fuller answers which take less for granted. For instance, here is the base definition of afraid from ODO:

feeling fear or anxiety; frightened

And here is the base definition from OALD:

feeling fear; frightened because you think that you might be hurt or suffer

Both provide copious examples, but the OALD carefully avoids using words and terms the Learner might not know.

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