I scrolled down the page and noticed that you have an available app for mobile users. I decided to download it so that I'd be able to check my answers and also to answer some questions through my mobile. However, as soon as I downloaded the app, I tried to log in my account, only to realize that there is no function of logging in by Facebook, so how am I supposed to log in my account since there is no such feature? Is there any other way? My account is only accessed through Facebook — is there any way to create a password to the account so that I can log into my account through that pass?

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Yes, you can follow the first procedure in the Help Center when on the website to add an OpenID login. In particular, consider using Stack Exchange's own OpenID provider.

  • I added a new login method through Google, so I downloaded the app into my mobile, When I want to log into my account through the mobile, should I use the Google account which I associated my account with?
    – Davyd
    Dec 31, 2016 at 12:24
  • Yeah, that should do the job. Dec 31, 2016 at 19:37

There is a discussion on the overall StackExchange Meta that explains that you have to have the official Facebook app installed:

Login with Facebook using Stack Exchange Android App

I don't use Facebook, so I can't test to see if anything has changed since 2014 when the question was was asked but I think it should work.

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