The argument for getting rid of these tags is going to be much more straightforward.

We have tags like , , etc. just like we have the likes of and , the usability of which is still questionable but that's not the point of this post.

So, we already have divided and into other tags and having both set of tags is redundant and annoying. We have two options if we want to get out of this tag salad: Either let the broader or the narrower tags be.

In my opinion, which is to be proven wrong or right, the division still has resulted in very broad tags: One learner may be confused by the cultural nuances bound to a fixed expression and use ; a second learner might be baffled by a possible variation between the meanings given by dictionaries for a phrase and still use .

What I'm saying is, when my pen gets lost in a van, do we want to keep it in a truck? Do we want to get rid of and ?

If so,

  • If you're an editor or a tagger, I humbly request you make sure you edit out [grammar], [meaning], and [usage] whenever you edit a post.
  • If you're an asker who sees this meta post, please do not add [usage] and [meaning] to your question. Decide what kind of thing you're seeking the meaning or the usage for. And if you're desperate to choose a tag, choose [grammar] and we'll figure it out!


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