We've got a bunch of tags that are off-topic for this site.

  • (6 questions, all from one user) I don't think this has anything to do with English. You could say a question that came from someone's confusion with the show is on-topic (and you're right) but do we need a tag for this? Also, only one user has tagged any question with "Seinfeld". Should we add a tag also?

  • (11 questions) Isn't this site about English?

  • (2 questions) is "English words about cooking" useful enough to warrant its own tag? So far, there are only two questions tagged with "cooking", I don't think it will be missed.

  • (19 questions) Haha, isn't this one a little bit self-contradictory? Kind of like "This page is intentionally left blank"?

What should we do with these tags?

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For the six questions tagged , the posts can be edited to remove the tag. You can indicate your agreement by voting on this post.


Of the 19 questions, I have edited 14 of them to provide tags.

The remaining 5 are closed and have nonpositive scores. I expect that they will eventually be deleted automatically anyway, so I haven't bothered.


Single-use tags are, in general, not a problem. If, after a half a year, the tag still hasn't been used a second time, it will be automatically removed unless it has a tag wiki.

is a special tag automatically added to questions that are migrated from other sites.


I've removed the tag from questions 10169 and 15147 due to their narrow applicability.


I think the tags don't fit with the others. They are asking about whether there is existing English phrases for concepts that they are familiar with in another language. That is a specific type of question about the English language. (ELU has a translation tag for this type of question.)

Whether we want a tag for that specific type of question (and if so, whether we want specific instances of the tag for every language) I think this is a bigger question and merits a separate discussion, so I've posted it as a new question.

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